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Remember the first day your child went to school? We know how stressful it is for the parents as well as children to enter this new schooling phase of life. Parents conveniently enrol their children in the nearest school. Did you ever think by doing this, you are limiting your child’s world? It is somewhat like setting boundaries in a comfortable space. Your child feels perfectly alright in their cocoon. They may even refuse to learn beyond academics. This is where Boarding Schools come into play.

Unlike day school, boarding school students don’t get to visit home daily. It is a once-in-a-while opportunity. Most parents give up the thought of boarding school because of this reason. Being one of the best boarding schools in Jalna, we totally understand the dilemma of choosing between Boarding School and Day School for your child.

best cbse school in rajasthan

Is Rajasthan good for education?

Rajasthan, the least literate Indian state, was ranked the best in the National Achievement Survey (NAS), the largest-ever student assessment conducted by the government.
Rajasthan has 105379 elementary schools, with 497300 teachers. Even though nationwide literacy is improving, with an average of 74%, Rajasthan has reported one of the lowest literacy rates in the country at 67.1%. Further, the state has the lowest female literacy rate of 52%
Sikar district is the only one in the state which has jumped ..
its enrolment three times from 39,718 to 1,19,825 from 2013- ..

Are you looking to enroll your child in the boarding schools in rajasthan? It’s good! In this way, you are helping him/her to get close to the door of success. A good boarding school is much more than a place of learning. A good boarding school can offer everything that helps its students to walk on a strong path with ease and stand out from the crowd. However, it also depends on the parents/students which board they choose to pursue their education. Here, we are sharing the list of the boarding schools in rajasthan .

Children Learn Discipline & Punctuality

This is the first reason why most parents prefer boarding school over day school. Boarding schools teach punctuality and inculcate discipline in students. These schools follow a timetable for every activity students carry out throughout the day. Starting from waking up early for meditation, exercise, lectures to ending the day routine till nap-time, there is time for everything in boarding school cum hostel. These activities make students responsible and active.